Building character builds leaders.


Ko Martial Arts is committed to supporting schools in our community to build character the black belt way. Through our Character Challenge, we partner with schools to foster a culture of inclusion and respect. Not only do students find motivation for their social and emotional learning, but also schools are supported with resources to help them continue their educational excellence.


Students are guided through a character development curriculum with weekly challenges and the progress is tracked by students being awarded higher and higher belts, ultimately progressing to their Character Black Belt. The challenges reinforce positive values including honesty, responsibility, and compassion. As they progress they earn new belts and unlock advanced challenges leading up to their Character Black Belt!

  • White Belt: Courage Challenge

  • Yellow Belt: Compassion Challenge

  • Orange Belt: Responsibility Challenge

  • Green: Self-discipline Challenge

  • Purple: Respect Challenge

  • Blue: Perseverance Challenge

  • Brown: Honesty Challenge

  • Red: Inclusion Challenge

  • Black Tip: Selflessness Challenge

  • Recommended Black: Humility Challenge

  • Black Belt: Community Challenge

Once all the students in the class graduate to Character Black Belts, Ko Martial Arts hosts a Taekwondo classroom take-over so the students can learn to be action heroes for the day.


Ko Martial Arts is proud to partner with schools to support social and emotional learning. To celebrate our schools that are working to reinforce positive character, Ko Martial Arts will provide a micro-grant to provide for resources needed to improve the school environment.

For more information or to enroll as a partner school please fill out the form below or contact Master Ko at or 913.851.2400.