4 Reasons Why Camps Help Children Succeed

Written By

Justin Raymundo

Camp is a safe and fun environment to discover new talents, friends, and passions.  You have the possibility of participating in activities that you’ve always wanted to try out and now have the time to explore. You can also perfect activities through practice.  During breaks, many different camps are at your disposal with caring instructors and coaches who are always there to help you, which personally makes camp more fulfilling and exciting. Here are four reasons why your family should consider a camp during school breaks.

Camps build social skills.

At camp, you can make new friends and get closer to those you already know. Through camp, you learn how to build positive relationships with your peers. Camp teaches students important communication skills when working in teams and toward personal goals that may not be expected of them elsewhere. These social skills last long after camp days end and support children in their development into capable young adults.

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Camps keep students active and healthy.

An active lifestyle is a great way to support healthy minds, bodies, and emotions, especially going to a camp with physical elements like martial arts camps and outdoor camps. Not only do you spend your time supporting your health, but it is also fun.  Students that are more active throughout the day show better focus, better mental clarity, and memory and these benefits flow into success throughout the year in school and beyond.

Camps build character.


Camps help students develop socially and physically, while also highlighting an appreciation for the qualities required to build positive relationships and become successful. Camp provides children with strong, moral values by teaching them the importance of honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility.

Camps allow students to explore new things.

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Camps can help push students out of their daily routine and expose them to new activities. Campers get the opportunity to try out different things and discover new hobbies or passions. By exploring various types of activities, children have a greater chance of finding their passions that give them a sense of fulfillment and deep joy.

At KOMA, our camps are designed for students who want to maximize their free time and work toward a foundation of martial arts excellence while also having a fun time. We know that our camps are a much-needed break from the regular routine, that gives students the flexibility to build their passion for Taekwondo as well as tap into their creativity, hone a sense of adventure, and meet new friends and try new things.