It's never too early to start your journey.

Important lessons can be learned in between the kicks and punches. In our Tykes and Super Tykes programs, we support early childhood and pre-K students in their social, emotional, and physical development. Our curriculum reinforces good learning habits and positive character traits so our students can live like a black belt at KOMA and at home.


Our tykes and super tykes programs are designed to help students, ages three to five, learn how to learn. While sharpening hand-eye-coordination and mobility, our tykes and super tykes are building positive social experiences with fellow students and our certified instructors.





Become a black belt for life.

Our Core Program teaches students, ages six to ten, how to live life the black belt way at home, at school, and in the community. Our students know that kicking high and punching hard always comes second to showing confidence, focus, and respect. Even though our students are young, they are shown how to overcome challenges to reach personal goals.

Each student's individual needs are met through small class sizes and personal attention. Our classes are designed to foster personal growth and positive relationships with our passionate and encouraging instructors.





We help students with special needs reach their goals.

KOMA has a commitment to being an inclusive and accepting culture for students with diverse abilities and needs. Our focus on individual excellence and personal growth for all our students allows for an adaptive curriculum that fosters consistency, familiarity, and positive social and physical development.

Families with children on the autism spectrum have found that the consistency of class structures and small class sizes help their child succeed. The engaging and organized classes have helped students with multi-sensory issues excel. Increased focus, concentration, self-regulation, and reduced anxiety are key milestones we celebrate as our students develop.

The culture of KOMA and our programs have helped students with a developmental diagnosis though:

  • Professional and experienced instructors that are always on the floor
  • Small class sizes that focus on individual attention
  • Inclusive group classes as well as options for private lessons for flexible and personalized learning
  • Social events that reinforce personal connections with other students





Future black belts are future leaders.

The best thing about our Dynamics Program is that while our teenage students strive for martial arts excellence, they are given skills that empower them to be confident, disciplined, and respectful young leaders. KOMA is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive community that teaches young adults important values including humility, compassion, and perseverance.

On their journey to achieving their black belts, Dynamics students are surrounded by other passionate and confident teens who are encouraged to find their strengths and become leaders. Through service opportunities built into our curriculum, our students are taught the importance of helping their community and taking advantage of opportunities to lead.







Reach your black belt at any age.

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is at the center of our programs for adults, KOMA's Active Program and KOMA Fit. Our adult students choose KOMA because of our challenging, but supportive culture that allows them to find healthier and happier versions of themselves. For many of our active students, classes at KOMA is an opportunity to personally grow while also taking classes with their families. Our KOMA Fit classes help our adult students find their fitness tribe while getting total body work outs. 

Our Active Program is designed for our adult students to gain a rich experience with a focus on mastering Tae Kwon Do, while also going through a challenging fitness and exercise regimen. KOMA Fit uses martial arts to incorporate HIIT and strength training, helping our students meet their health and fitness goals including increased flexibility, weight loss, and muscle tone and strength.