Martial Arts in the Professional World (Pt. 1)

Its easy to see how many different sports have their practical uses in one's everyday life... team sports helps with teamwork, grace under pressure, etc. Taekwondo is exactly the same. It has many practical uses in the real world.

At KOMA, I know many professionals who have experienced these benefits. So, I asked two of them how the life skills they developed while training in taekwondo helped them to become successful in their careers and in life. Here are their answers:

Mr. Dave Goerz

What is your job title? What responsibilities does your post entail?

My job title is West Area Manager for the Hospital Division of Arbor Pharmaceuticals. In this role I manage a team of sales professionals who call on physicians / pharmacists /nurses that work in various departments within hospitals. Some challenges I face in this role include: responsibility for growth of products, development of sales team members, recruitment/hiring during company expansion, as well as travel throughout the west half of the US.  I travel every week, usually 2 -3 nights.

How has practicing taekwondo helped you overcome challenges in your professional life?

I believe that, as with most working adults, the stress of managing a career can be reduced with a physical fitness routine. Taekwondo was the answer for me as it provides; a total body workout, a challenge for the mind, and potential life saving skills!  

Any final thoughts?

One of the challenges/concerns for adults who are considering joining KOMA as a student is the amount of time it takes to train. I had the same concern years ago when Master Ko invited me to join. I stated that I just didn't have the time to commit to a program that requires regular participation... I have 2 daughters that I was bringing to class (and watched) at least twice a week.  It took no more time for me to train with them than it took to sit and watch them! So I put on the uniform and began training.  It has been such an amazing experience to go to class with my kids. It's the only sport I know where the entire family can participate together!  For those parents that want a bonding activity with their kids - this is it! 

Ms. Camille Nuti

What is your job title? What responsibilities does your post entail?

I am a Consulting Analyst at Cerner Corporation. My job is to communicate, collaborate and work to design and customize my clients’ new or updated computer systems. A big part of being a Consulting Analyst is to foster strong relationships with my clients.  A few challenges I face are time management, handling high-stress environments, and having confidence while speaking to clients.

How has practicing Taekwondo helped you overcome challenges in your professional life?

I think all of the challenges I face are easier for me because I took taekwondo for so long. I can manage my time very well because I was used to thinking ahead with taekwondo. My goal was to earn my black belt before I went to college. To accomplish that I planned every single testing out until the April testing before I graduated high school. I had to manage my time or I never would have earned my black belt in the time I had left.

While working, I use this same discipline I learned to get the work I need to finish done in the time I have. I also handle high-stress situations better. There is a lot of pressure I face in my position, but I know I can handle it, especially after countless testings in front of everyone, as well as having to lead my own classes as an instructor. Finally, I gained so much confidence after doing taekwondo. I don't feel shy speaking to other professionals. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to be comfortable speaking to adults, when I was shy before I started. 

Any final thoughts?

Martial Arts shaped who I am as a person. I've had to do presentations in front of classes, but I received good reviews because I was confident in front of everyone. I've also continued my healthy lifestyle by going to my company's gym because I fell in love with fitness after taekwondo. This helps me stay focused on work and be more productive. 

Thank you to Ms. Camille Nuti and Mr. Dave Goerz for sharing your insights on how Taekwondo has personal benefits for working professionals.

Zenia Amrolia