KOMA Learns from Jon Umsted of Yummylicious Cookie Company

In our previous blogpost, Registered Dietician Shanna Stewart enlightened us on the importance of good nutrition and gave us some tips on how to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Inspired by her responses, I wanted to continue learning from other local nutrition and fitness experts. This led me to Mr. Jon Umsted of Yummylicious Cookie Company, a company that makes cookies that not only taste good, but are good for you. By using ingredients that are natural, whole, and healthy, Mr. Umsted creates treats for the family that are healthy and delicious.

1. What inspired you to create YLCC?

YLCC is really an accidental business. My wife Amber started baking with whole-grain ingredients over 20 years ago. Her only reason was to create a more “nutritious” snack for our family. She used trial and error over 10 long years to perfect our recipe.

2. What are some of your major suggestions for people trying to eat healthier?

Check out the ingredient list on any prepared foods. Use ingredients that have little/no processing, and find all kinds of foods to enjoy. Sugar gets a really bad reputation these days because of the ubiquitous nature of highly refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Those types of sugars, along with refined flours, metabolize VERY quickly and result in the proverbial “sugar buzz.” We still use sugars and flours in our products, but they are minimally processed. Because of this, they take longer to digest and keep you fuller longer. Essentially, people should look for anything they eat to take “the fewest steps from field to food."™

3. How would you define “real food”?

Minimally processed. Period. Same goes for the term “natural”. Butter and eggs are minimally processed. Our grains are grown, ground, bagged and baked! Same goes for our sweeteners. Food should also go bad! If it is able to sit on a shelf for weeks or months, what keeps it that way? Keeping food frozen or refrigerated is one way to preserve it; but, it’s quite another to add chemicals and preservatives to keep foods in a state of “perpetual freshness”.

4. What is the message behind your brand?

We want treats for the family to not only be fun, but also be healthy. Our products can be used as a "grab-and-go" snack for a busy family on the run. Moreover, we strive to use the most minimally processed ingredients available, and if we can find affordable, organic ingredients, we use them. These act as meals because they keep you full for a much longer period of time than other “snack” alternatives (such as donuts, white flour/sugar cookies, and even granola bars). We don’t use any oils or preservatives, which means your body can metabolize our treats in a more effective way.

Thank you to Mr. Umsted for your insights and instruction on health and fitness. Understanding the impact and accessibility of healthy living is the first step to achieving the lifestyle we all strive to live, and through the guidance and support of community experts, we can make the rest of the journey easy.