3 tips to stay healthy during back-to-school season.

The summer has flown by and kids are moving from spending all day at the pool to spending their days in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and in the general routine of the school year. Make sure this transition is smooth and leads to a more successful year with these healthy habits for parents and kids alike!


Get plenty of sleep!

With kids having had the freedom to stay up late with friends throughout the summer, establishing a stable sleep routine can be the most challenging transition for kids going back to school and for parents who were kept up late as well! It’s easier to establish a consistent bed time by having an earlier wake-up time each day and keeping the whole family physically, mentally, and socially active throughout the day. We encourage our students and their families to make consistent class attendance a positive habit. The exercise, positive relationships, and character development happening during each class help our students stay healthy week after week.   

It’s also important to consider your family’s eating and leisure time habits before before bed. Limiting caffeine and sugar at night can promote falling asleep easier. Also making the bedroom an electronics-free zone will reduce screen time and improve the quality of sleep throughout the night.


Eat a healthy breakfast - and healthy snacks throughout the day!

A healthy breakfast each morning makes a huge difference in learning, productivity, and attitude for our kids and for us. Leave some time to plan ahead, be that with meal-prepping on a single day or getting quality ingredients for quick and healthy meals throughout the week. This will help make your mornings easier and allow you to avoid getting fast food or frequently eating less nutritious breakfast foods. Also having healthy snacks available throughout the day will help you maintain energy and reinforce healthy food choices during lunch and dinner.   


Treat yourself!

Parents often feel so much pressure to take care of the kids that they forget to take care of themselves. We created our KOMA Fit program for that exact reason. Having a fun and energetic group class gives you all the benefits of HIIT and resistance training alongside supportive workout partners. Make sure you spend time doing other relaxing things throughout the week as well including spending time with friends and family and spending time outdoors. Remember to take time out of your schedule to rest and to not feel guilty asking for help when you need it.


Back to school is an important time to find consistency for social, academic, and physical activities for our kids and our families. With experiences like martial arts and other forms of positive self-care through fitness and wellness, we can make sure we Ace the transition back to school.


Justin Raymundo