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building character through martial arts excellence

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who we are

Overland Park's Premier Taekwondo School

We are a Taekwondo school that places character first and skills second. Our students' learning and satisfaction are always top priorities.


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Master Ko

Master Bronson Ko founded Ko Martial Arts (KOMA) in Overland Park, Kansas in 2006.  He began his Taekwondo training under his father at the age of four.  He is a native of Overland Park and a business school graduate from the University of Kansas.  He has a genuine desire for helping people find their better selves through martial arts.  Master Ko holds a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo, issued by the Kukkiwon in Korea.

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our certified instructors

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what we teach

The perfect combination of culture and self defense.

The core of our school is the art and culture of the Korean martial art, Taekwondo (or Tae Kwon Do).  We believe these two factors are what help change people for the better and help them become better citizens for society.  Character development and life skills are the utmost priorities in our programs for children and teens.  All of our programs, including the adult program, stress learning the details and intricacies of the art of Taewkondo.  Every instructor at KOMA is certified and teaches Taekwondo based on the concepts of the Kukkiwon and World Taekwondo Federation in Korea.  We constantly update our knowledge so our students are receiving the best Taekwondo available.


We understand that the art of Taekwondo is not completely reliable in terms of real world self defense.  To fill this gap in our programs we have added boxing and jiujitsu.  Boxing is great for hand eye coordination as well as for stand up defense.  Jiujitsu was designed for ground defense and giving the smaller opponent an advantage.  Even though we teach basic fighting techniques, we are not an MMA  (mixed martial arts) school and never will be.

art + self defense


(Boxing & Jiujitsu)

Always clean and tidy

The largest Taekwondo school in Overland Park

We serve our students with a spacious facility including two training floors, enormous lobby with free wifi, and a classroom complete with computers and a kitchen.

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