4 Ways Taekwondo Builds Confidence in Children

KOMA Taekwondo

March 7, 2019


As a parent, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, ”how can I build my child’s confidence?” Maybe they are too shy to talk to other children or lack confidence in their decision making. As a solution, you’ve probably thought about making them join a sport or activity. If so, you may want to consider Taekwondo for these 4 reasons:

1) We Focus On Individual Progress, Not Team Progress

Most sports focus on the team as a whole instead of the individual. In Taekwondo we care about how each child is progressing. This means that we pay attention and give specific feedback that is focused on helping every student succeed. Unlike team sports, Taekwondo helps teach children to rely on their own skills instead of a group. This will help build their confidence because they are relying on their own skills and decisions rather than looking to their peers.

2) Encourage Being Loud

During Taekwondo we love to yell. While it may seem silly and uncomfortable at first, it’s a great way for them to release any negative feelings that they may be holding in. This also teaches them to be less self conscious when it comes to being vocal.

3) Interacting with other students

While we focus on the individual in Taekwondo, students also get the benefit of social interaction since we operate in small group classes. Many children who do Taekwondo at our martial arts school are also shy and lack confidence, and group classes have given them the chance to meet and make new friends.

4) Performing In Front of A Crowd

To advance in belts we hold Belt Assessment events where students perform their skills in front of their peers and an audience. While children can’t fail the belt assessment, we believe that this helps build confidence in themselves and teaches them that it’s okay to mess up as long as they are trying their best.

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