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A child suffering from low self-worth is heartbreaking.

An image showing self-criticalness.


Does your child put themselves down?

Quits easily

Do they quit as soon as something gets difficult or avoid tasks altogether?

Acting Silly

Do they act silly or clown around when they feel under pressure?


Are they inactive or unmotivated to do physical activities?

These are some behaviors that signal your child is feeling weighed down by low self-worth.

Your child deserves to feel great about themselves, your child was made for more.

Martial Arts Help Equip your child with the character that will lead to success in life.


They will be challenged to improve themselves month after month to earn their next taekwondo belt rank.


Our Kansas City Martial arts classes in Overland Park and Olathe, KS, involve precise movements with your whole body, requiring a great level of focus.


When they are doing things they never thought they could through local martial arts lessons, they'll know they can be good at something.


Improved health from fun exercise will make them feel better and give them a good sense of well-being.


Consistently attending taekwondo or karate lessons will set them up with a positive habit geared towards long term success in any activity.

It's more than martial arts.
We care about you.

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Parenting a child who feels like they aren't enough is hard.

It's easy to feel frustrated, hopeless, or that it's your fault when your child isn't living up to their potential, especially when you know they can be so much more. There is hope. Our team has helped thousands of children just like yours to become a better version of themselves.

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The reality is that it is hard to be a parent knowing your child is weighing themselves down. It's completely normal for you to be concerned, you're not a bad parent, and you are definitely not alone.

Finding an activity or program that focuses on building character while also understanding the needs of an individual isn't easy.

Not everyone wants to play mainstream sports and that is absolutely OKAY. For a child who already has a low self-esteem, team sports make them feel even more vulnerable when they feel like their own shortcomings have let the team down.

Your child deserves to be a part of a community that makes them feel like they belong, and that will help them to flourish as an individual. Adopting a "one by one" approach, where each individual is praised for their own personal progress, we make students feel safe and secure while challenging them to reach the best version of themselves.

We welcome you here at KOMA, where we have a unique approach to teaching martial arts based on intrinsic motivation, rather than external motivation like pressure to win from peers. Get started by scheduling a free lesson with us and see if you think we are a good fit, we can't wait to have the opportunity to guide your child to becoming the best version of themselves.

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