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Many children lack confidence and feel lost in today's fast paced culture.

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Does your child put themselves down?
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Quits easily

Do they quit as soon as something gets difficult or avoid tasks altogether?
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Acting Silly

Do they act silly or clown around when they feel under pressure?
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Are they inactive or unmotivated to do physical activities?

Your child is designed for success and fulfillment in life. It starts with learning how to learn in our fast paced culture.

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Martial Arts Help Equip your child with the character that will lead to success in life.

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When they are doing things they never thought they could through local martial arts lessons, they'll know they can be good at something.
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Our curriculum is specially designed to teach our students how to sharpen their focus in today's distracted culture.
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Consistently attending KOMA Taekwondo classes every week will establish positive habits geared towards long term success later in life.
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They will be challenged to improve themselves month after month to earn their next taekwondo belt rank.
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Improved health from fun exercise will make them feel better and give them a good sense of well-being.

It's more than
martial arts.
We care about you.

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3 Steps To A Brighter Future With CHARACTER BUILDING martial arts in olathe, KS, overland park, KS, & Prairie VIllage, KS.

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"We figured out this would be a very good fit for our daughter. Because she was lacking in confidence."
- The Abraham's

Parenting a child who feels like they aren't enough is hard.

It's easy to feel frustrated, hopeless, or that it's your fault when your child isn't living up to their potential, especially when you know they can be so much more. There is hope. Our team has helped thousands of children just like yours to become a better version of themselves.

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The truth is, being a parent can be challenging when you see your child struggling. Your concerns are entirely valid, and it doesn't make you a bad parent; you're not alone in this. Discovering a program that nurtures character development while also catering to individual needs is no simple task. Not everyone is inclined toward traditional sports, and that's perfectly fine. Especially for kids with low self-esteem or focus challenges, team sports can sometimes enhance their vulnerability when they feel responsible for letting the team down.

Your child deserves to be part of a supportive community where they feel a sense of belonging, one that fosters their personal growth. Our "one by one" approach is all about celebrating each individual's progress, creating a secure and safe environment that encourages them to strive for their personal best and grow their character.

At KOMA, we extend a warm invitation to you. Our approach to teaching martial arts revolves around intrinsic motivation rather than external pressures. Begin your journey with us by scheduling a complimentary lesson, and see if we're the right fit for your child. We can't wait for the opportunity to help your child become the best version of themselves through martial arts excellence.

Visit our convenient locations in Olathe (College and Lone Elm) and Overland Park (151st and Antioch), where we specialize in character-focused martial arts.

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