Get in better shape while becoming a black belt

Our Active program helps adults to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our age16 & Up program can help you lead a healthy & active lifestyle

Become a black belt at any age.

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is at the center of our programs for adults, Ko Martial Art’s Active Program and KOMA Fit. Our adult students choose Ko Martial Arts because of our challenging, but supportive culture that allows them to find healthier and happier versions of themselves through martial arts excellence. For many of our active students, classes at Ko Martial Arts is an opportunity to personally grow while also taking classes with their families. Our KOMA Fit classes help our adult students find their fitness tribe while getting total body work outs.

Our Active Program is designed for our adult students to gain a rich experience with a focus on mastering Tae Kwon Do, while also going through a challenging fitness and exercise regimen. KOMA Fit uses martial arts to incorporate HIIT and strength training, helping our students meet their health and fitness goals including increased flexibility, weight loss, and muscle tone and strength.

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