About KOMA Taekwondo

Our Purpose

To glorify God, reflect Christ, and lead our students to become the people they were created to be.

Our Mission

To provide the best experience for our students and parents through human connection, innovation, and a rich Taekwondo culture.

Our Core Values

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• Solution focused
• No complaining
• Growth mindset
• Laugh often

Humbly Confident
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• Not above a task
• Knowledgeable
• Unwavering conviction
• Quick to admit failure

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• Authentic
• Genuine
• Honest
• No hidden agenda

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• Know the person
• Think win/win
• Respectful to all
• Think before speak

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• Get hands dirty
• Lead by example
• Above and beyond
• Always improving

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• One by one
• Structured
• Organized
• Focused

Master Ko shaking hands with a student

Message from our founder

We understand that there are important life lessons to learn in between kicking and punching. As a Kansas City born martial arts and self defense school, our most important role is to help each student find the best versions of themselves while learning skills to be successful in their future. This is the black belt way.

KOMA Taekwondo was founded in 2006 and we have spent more than a decade as a leading martial arts school that places our students' positive experiences and personal growth at the center of our teaching approach. We help our students set goals, overcome challenges, and develop positive relationships. We have become a thriving community that is more than just a martial arts school; we are a family.

We serve families in Johnson County at our South Overland Park, North OlathePrairie Village locations. At KOMA Taekwondo, it is important to give back to the community and ensure community service is a core part of our curriculum. We are proud that our students consistently use the skills they develop at KOMA Taekwondo to become leaders throughout their lives.

We invite you to join the KOMA Taekwondo tribe and learn how to lead life the black belt way.


Master Bronson Ko and the KOMA Team

Master Ko is also the host of the About Our Father's Business podcast.


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