We welcome special needs students with open arms

Our Explorers program is focused on individual excellence and personal growth for all students.

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Our special needs program is inclusive and uses an individualized approach

Help your child become the best they can be.

Ko Martial Arts has a commitment to being an inclusive and accepting culture for students with diverse abilities and needs. In our Explorers Program, we focus on individual excellence and personal growth for all our students. This allows for an adaptive martial arts curriculum that fosters consistency, familiarity, and positive social and physical development.

Families with children on the autism spectrum have found that the consistency of class structures and small class sizes help their child succeed. The engaging and organized classes have helped students with multi-sensory issues excel. Increased focus, concentration, self-regulation, and reduced anxiety are key milestones we celebrate as our students develop.

The culture of Ko Martial Arts and our programs have helped students with a developmental diagnosis. Through our explorers program, students will experience:

  • Professional and experienced instructors that are always on the floor
  • Small class sizes that focus on individual attention
  • Inclusive group classes as well as options for private lessons for flexible and personalized learning
  • Social events that reinforce personal connections with other students

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