5 Reasons Why Your Child Should be Doing Martial Arts During COVID-19

Ko Martial Arts

August 11, 2020


There is no denying that COVID-19 has been hard on all of us.  Family life and work routines have been disrupted, some beyond recognition. Let’s get through this together!  Read on to learn the Top 5 Reasons why martial arts can help you and your children regain a bit of control in life.


Discipline is one of the first things people think about in regards to martial arts.  And for good reason - students of martial arts learn self-control and respect during class.  This is coupled with increasing responsibility as they ascend the ranks.  Goal-setting and a “never give up attitude” are part of the culture and are tested as students work for each new achievement.  Discipline is key to building resilience in our children and is needed more than ever in these uncertain times.  Discipline helps set your child up for future successes, too.


Quarantine and social distancing have made social connections much more challenging.  Martial arts gives students a way to connect with peers in a positive setting.  They learn the importance of teamwork and the significance of learning from failure.  Students generally attend the same classes week after week which creates a stable group of faces.  Making new friends within the structure of martial arts creates an additional social connection for students.  New friends can become lasting friendships that carry over to everyday life.  And everyone learns compassion as they support each other through challenges or during testing.


Recent reports have noted that COVID-19 anxiety and depression are real and on the rise.  These can quickly rob your child of self-esteem and self-confidence.  Martial arts is great to build, or rebuild, both self-esteem and self-confidence.  This comes as students push past perceived limitations to achieve their goals.  Learning self-defense helps increase a person’s self-respect.  Martial arts is not always serious, though.  Students smile, laugh and have fun during class and these things improve mind and body relaxation.  Plus, martial arts classes are a great way to release the extra energy building up with your child’s usual activities restricted.


Martial arts is a full body workout.  Students see improvements in balance, posture, coordination, and flexibility.  Younger students can improve their fine and gross motor skills, too.  And everyone can benefit from faster reflexes.  A typical 45 minute martial arts class will have both cardio and strength training.  These types of exercises can help students minimize quarantine weight gain.  And numerous studies show that regular exercise goes a long way to lower blood pressure and heart rate.  More than that, more physical exercise means students sleep better.


Disrupted routines have been one of the hardest parts of this pandemic.  Children usually learn to focus and listen while in school.  With school being online only for months, attention spans have decreased, even for adults.  This decreased attention is compounded by the increased time spent on electronics, either for school, work, or as a way to escape the current life situation.  Martial arts teaches students through memorization while also testing learning retention and recall.  As the curriculum is learned in manageable sections, students increase their ability to focus and build on previous knowledge.  In essence, they learn how to learn.  Many students see improved grades in school.  They also have a greater ability to work under pressure, think faster and more clearly.


All of these qualities - discipline, improved social skills, anxiety and stress relief, physical health, and mental stamina - become ingrained in martial arts students.  And not just on the mats - it carries over to their everyday lives.  Any one of these qualities can help us live a better life, but together they set us up for success no matter what the current situation.  Students who stick with an activity during their school years, and highlight their dedication and achievements in that activity, might have an advantage when applying for college admission or for a job.

Ko Martial Arts takes the responsibility of teaching your child very seriously. We see each student as an individual - one who can achieve their own unique version of greatness.  All of the instructors and staff are dedicated to bringing out the best in your child.  We help them learn how to set and achieve goals, within a supportive environment.  Our proven teaching methods build character and support your daughter or son as they progress to their next level within a fun, supportive, and inclusive environment.

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