The KOMA Experience | Parent Q&A

KOMA Taekwondo

March 18, 2022

This is an opportunity to hear from two KOMA parents, Alicia and Hal Whitacre, who moved from New Mexico to the KC metro without knowing anyone. They joined KOMA to get their children involved in their community. Their three daughters – Avery, Samantha, and Scarlett – have been enrolled here for the past two years.

In this interview, the Whitacre's share how to get started, what to expect from enrolling your kids in martial arts classes at KOMA, and how their involvement has impacted their family.

How did you hear about KOMA?

Alicia: I drove by and I just kept seeing it. I've wanted to put the girls in martial arts since they were young. It was a perfect opportunity to try something out that's close by and we didn't know anything else about the area, so we didn't have any other activities planned for them.

What's your experience been as a parent here at KOMA?

Hal: They do a lot of communication with the parents, which we appreciate. We always knew what to expect. We knew what we were getting into. They made it easy to join, and so that was important as we got started, especially with having three girls in the program, we had a lot of questions. How does this start? Where does it end? And what is this going to mean for the future? I feel like our experience has been really positive in the way that they were able to get us started, but also how they've been able to get us to continue.

What has your children's experience been at KOMA? Have the experiences been unique to each child? How have you seen them progress?

Alicia: I think they have definitely had different experiences. They all started dancing. And so we have our oldest who is really serious about dance and not wanting to stop that.

I have another daughter who has decided she doesn't want to dance. She loves everything about Taekwondo. She wants to advance as far as she can.

And then my youngest just wants to be like her older sisters, but yet it's helped her grow into her own person. And I've loved the way that Taekwondo has grown their character and them as young ladies, not just with the martial arts skills, but to also be well-rounded people. And they've all learned how to be their own people here, even though they're all together in the same belt.

Can you describe KOMA in one word?

Hal: I would say commitment.

Alicia: I was torn between exciting and a new experience. The tournaments, the different levels they’re achieving, and the new skills all make it exciting. And with a new character focus with each belt, it’s always a new experience.

What would you tell a friend who’s considering enrolling their child in martial arts?

Hal: I would say take the opportunity to just jump in and KOMA will usher you through the process. Again, they make it easy to start. They help you understand what's ahead of you and they sit down with you and really discuss what it's going to take for each child to be successful in the program.

I would say KOMA has that process down really, really well.

Anybody who's on the fence about joining, I think it's a good idea to explore it and to jump into it and KOMA will really help you understand what that's going to look like in the future.

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