Ko Martial Arts

4th Quarter
Belt Assessments

Report times will vary based on rank. Please contact your studio manager if you have any questions.

What to expect

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In this time, all students will perform their material and hear from our Founder, Master Ko. We will also present awards and recognition to select students at the end of the session.
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During your assessment, students will have the opportunity to showcase the skills they have been learning over the past 13 weeks in front of their peers, family, and friends!
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This event is attended by students from all KOMA locations. In addition to seeing peers from your own location, you will have an opportunity to meet and interact with students from another location.

Venue Address

10401 S Ridgeview Rd, Olathe, KS 66061

Assessment Dress Code

Fundamentals Students

  • Pants
  • White T-Shirt
  • Belt

Black Belt Club Students

  • Pants
  • T-Shirt (Blue)
  • Formal Blue Top
  • Belt

Black Belt Club Black Students

  • Pants
  • T-Shirt (Black)
  • Formal Top (Black V Neck)
  • Belt


My report time is 10:00am, should I arrive early?
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The report times listed above are the report times you should plan to arrive by. Your group will start precisely 15 minutes after your report time.

An emergency came up and I am unable to attend. What do I do?
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Life happens – We understand. If you do have an emergency and are unable to attend your assessment, please reach out to your studio manager and we can work together to find an alternative time for you or your student to do their assessment.

How long will the assessment last?
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Each assessment will last approximately 1 hour.

What will my student be assessed over?
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Your student will be asked to perform their techniques, combinations, Poomsae (or form), basic fitness requirements, as well as a board breaking technique.

Can I take photos or video?
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Yes! We actually encourage it. If you do choose to take photos/videos, be sure to tag us on Facebook (Ko Martial Arts – KOMA) or on Instagram (@thekoma).

What if I have a question on the day of the assessment?
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We will have staff members available for questions in the lobby of the event center

If you are unsure who to ask, all Studio Managers and KOMA Support Staff will be wearing business professional attire and a KOMA pin. These individuals will be able to answer questions you might have.

My assessment just ended... Now what?
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Congratulations on earning your next belt! The next step will be to download your new curriculum from LearnKOMA.com and start practicing your new material.

Need some extra practice?


Visit LearnKOMA.com for video lessons over a variety of topics to help you improve your skill.
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Have specific questions about a technique? Be sure to ask an instructor during class!

Private Lessons

Looking for a way to improve your skills? Schedule a private lesson.
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