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August 3, 2024

2024 3nd Quarter TOURNAMENT

Report times will vary based on rank and will be announced the week prior to the tournament. Report times can be found in the divisions below.

Q3 Tournament

DESIGNATed Poomsae

Students will perform Poomsae based on their current rank.

What to expect


The length of your tournament experience will vary based on the number of students in your division. We suggest allowing 30-45 minutes for your division to finish once the first round has started.


Tournament divisions are created using age, gender, and rank. In doing so, your student will be paired with students at a similar place in their Taekwondo journey.


The tournament will be conducted using a double elimination format. This means that students are guaranteed to perform their Poomsae at least 2 times.

Venue Address

KOMA North Olathe
21701 College Blvd. Olathe, KS 66061

Tournament Dress code

Fundamentals Students

  • White Pants
  • White T-Shirt
  • Belt

Black Belt Club & Black Belt Club Black Students

  • Blue Pants
  • Formal Blue Top
  • T-Shirt
    • Color Belts - Blue
    • Black Belts - Black
  • Belt

Mentorship Students

  • Grey Pants
  • Formal Top (Grey V Neck)
  • T-Shirt (Black)
  • Belt


Do I need my tickets to attend the tournament?
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No. The tickets you received are for the Color Belt Assessment/Black Belt Testing ONLY.

My report time is 4:30pm, should I arrive early?
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The report times listed above are the report times you should plan to arrive by. Your group will begin competition as soon as all students have arrived.

An emergency came up and I am unable to attend. What do I do?
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Life happens – We understand. If you do have an emergency and are unable to attend the tournament, please reach out to your studio manager and we can work together to find the best solution for you and your family.

How long will the tournament last?
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Your tournament experience will vary in length depending on the number of competitors in your group. We suggest planning for approximately 30-45 minutes after the first round of your student's division has started.

How does double elimination work?
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KOMA Tournaments are conducted using a double elimination format. This means that every student is guaranteed to perform at least 2 times.

Students will be randomly assigned a spot in their brackets (see below) and will compete against other students. If a student wins, they will advance in the top half of the bracket. If a student does not win a particular round, they will be moved to the lower bracket where they have the chance to progress

How many awards are given?
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In a group with less than 5 students – We will award a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place award (as applicable)
In a group with 5 or more students – We will award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award.

How do we judge (or score) tournaments?
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Tournaments at KOMA are scored based on 2 criteria: Major Mistakes and Presentation.

Major mistakes are errors such as using the wrong hand/foot for a specific block, stance or kick or performing an incorrect move entirely. The number of errors is added up and the student with the least amount of errors is awarded the win for that round.

If both students are tied on the number of major mistakes, the judges will decide based on presentation. This includes criteria such as power, expression of energy, and overall presentation of their Poomsae.

For more information about how we score tournaments, please check out this video on

Which Poomsae (or form) will my student perform?
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Your student will perform the form appropriate to their current belt level. Please use the dropdown above to select your student's rank and it will return with the designated Poomsae.

Where should I park?
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Parking is available in 4 spots at the North Olathe location:

1. In Front of the Studio in the KOMA Parking Lot (preferred)
2. On the side of the studio in the parking spaces
3. Across the street in front of Subway
4. Across the street at the Jenks & LeBlanc Dentist

How to Find your Bracket

Brackets will be published approximately 1 week ahead of the tournament.
Brackets are sorted by report time. Please use the dropdown to find your report time above,
then look through the corresponding brackets to find your student's division.

4:15 PM Brackets

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4:45 PM Brackets

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5:45 PM Brackets

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6:15 PM Brackets

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6:45 PM Brackets

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7:30 PM Brackets

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