Martial Arts Will Help you Excel in the Workplace and This is How

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September 24, 2020

Martial Arts Will Help you Excel in the Workplace and This is How

Being successful at work isn’t a one-and-done kind of thing.  Success requires consistent effort leading to positive habits that support you achieving your goals.  So how do you achieve that level of discipline?  Learning martial arts may just be the supportive environment you need.  Read on to find out why.

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Physical Benefits

A healthy body will support you better as you work, whether it’s at a desk job or more physical labor.  Exercise keeps your muscles and bones strong.  And fewer aches and pains allow you to concentrate more on the work at hand.  In the era of virtual meetings and extended time in front of computer screens, movement is essential.  Regular exercise can improve your staying power to actually get through your work day.  Extended hours sitting quickly lead to stiffness in hips, legs, back, and neck.

Martial arts practice provides a whole body exercise opportunity.  Training includes a mix of different types of exercise.  A few examples are: isometric holds such as plank;  strength moves of blocks, kicks, and punches as well as body weight exercises such as pushups and squats; and cardio with bursts of speed, often in a HIIT-type workout.  Many students notice improved balance and even improved posture.  The increased muscle mass earned during martial arts training keeps you burning calories even after class is finished which means you might even lose weight.

The benefits of regular exercise don’t stop with the body, though.  Research confirms improved cognitive (thinking) function and psychological (emotional) health

Mental Benefits

Mental stamina and flexibility are just as important in the work arena as is physical health.  All employers want employees with critical thinking and time management skills.   Couple those skills with a positive work ethic and you’ve got the beginning of a great employee.  Memorizing complex series of martial arts moves requires focus and concentration.  Focus is needed to learn new moves but it’s attention to the details that take the average student to the next level.  These same principles apply to learning new tasks or concepts at work.  Committing anything to memory improves brain function and strengthens the brain's internal connections.  This allows for quicker thinking and faster recall allowing you to be the leader you strive to be.

Improved thinking, memory, and mental flexibility can help decrease stress levels.  Continued unresolved stress can lead to depression.  Studies have shown depression is 25% less likely in people who exercise.  Martial arts has the added benefit of an added short yell performed with most moves.  This yell, when coupled with the punching and kicking, can reduce frustration, tension, and anxiety.

Emotional Benefits

Healthy relationships, whether they be personal or in the setting of work, begin with healthy emotions.  Great leaders have a positive attitude, communicate well, are flexible, and supportive in the team setting.

The human body feels excitement and anxiety in the same way.  Training in martial arts allows you to feel anxiety in a controlled situation, such as performing in front of the class, and then master that anxiety through performance repetition.  As you gain confidence in your skills, you gain control over any anxiety you may feel which allows you to reframe the physical sensations into excitement.  Adults who study martial arts develop an ever-increasing level of self confidence.  This confidence stems from overcoming failures as well as increased body control.  Each level of achievement within martial arts training increases the student’s confidence in their performance and abilities.  Overcoming failures increases resiliency and the ability to bounce back quickly after a setback.  Your confidence can show as less overall fear knowing you have self-defense skills.  Confidence also shows in your professional life such as when you’re asked to give an important presentation at work or you approach your boss for a promotion.

The process of learning martial arts requires focus, commitment, and discipline.  It’s a step-by-step approach to mastery.  These same skills can be used to improve other areas of your life, including work.  Developing the habit of martial arts practice teaches you how to systematically improve any area in your life you choose to focus on.  It also gives you the physical, emotional, and mental stability and health to set big goals and actually achieve them.

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