Mr. Gilroy

Instruction Manager

4th Degree Black Belt

Ko Martial Arts

Roland Gilroy began his Taekwondo journey under a first-generation 9th-degree black belt from Korea. Inspired by his instructor and the legendary Bruce Lee, Roland embraced the discipline with dedication and passion.

Starting his teaching career at 16, Mr. Gilroy advocates for teaching methods that enhance a child’s decision-making skills and intrinsic motivation. His approach is centered around instilling discipline, structure, and organization, increasingly important skills in today’s world.

Mr. Gilroy is passionate about personal transformation through martial arts. He sees KOMA as a catalyst, enabling students to become more disciplined, focused, and professional versions of themselves. He believes in the transformative power of martial arts to instill values and overcome challenges.

His life is grounded in his faith in God and his commitment to his family. His mission at KOMA is to teach enduring virtues and to provide a supportive environment for the comprehensive development of individuals, equipping them with the resilience and strength required in life.