A Spotlight on our KOMA Instructors

KOMA Taekwondo

January 14, 2022

Studies have shown having a mentor can raise a child's self-esteem and lead to better performance at school.* Our goal at KOMA is to help our students become the best versions of themselves. All of our instructors consider their role to be more than a career; it's their passion and purpose in life. 

Two Taekwondo instructors stand in front of class
Martial Arts Instructors Mr. Eisma, Ms. Dubay standing in front of a class of students.

There are two things every KOMA instructor must have: a love for working with children and a passion for martial arts. After completing a screening interview, every instructor undergoes a tryout. They take a class and teach a class. Screening our instructors certifies they are skilled - many are black belts, and teachable. Every instructor has completed a comprehensive background check and has references that are thoroughly checked to ensure only the best leaders teach at KOMA.

In creating a consistently positive culture, we never use shame to correct a student. We wholeheartedly welcome kids who don't fit in at school or on the field using patience, love, and positive reinforcement to instruct your child. Our staff was chosen for their precision and attention to detail.

All our instructors work hard to uphold our culture and six core values here at KOMA:


Positive self-talk is an invaluable skill we work hard to ingrain in each student. Teaching our students how to solve problems and talk through solutions generates optimism. Every instructor at KOMA has a light heart and doesn't spend too much time dwelling on issues without offering solutions. You also will see instructors laughing a lot while teaching, showing their passion and enjoyment in guiding and teaching children.

Taekwondo instructor with students
Taekwondo Instructor Ms. Dubay with a group of students.

Humbly Confident 

Dedicating ourselves to excellence means every instructor has the confidence to be a leader who continually improves on their abilities. They take responsibility for their mistakes and know that relationships take a lot of work. All instructors assist in all jobs, pitching in a hand wherever they can. You will often find our instructors managing administrative duties, cleaning, helping with enrollment, or training new instructors. Humility means no job is too small, and no one is "too good" for any task or duty. This kind of humility is demonstrated for our students to apply to their leadership.


Transparency is one of the main qualities in those with high Emotional Intelligence.** Instructors receive feedback well because they understand it is a crucial part of the growing process.. Our instructors practice transparency through peer-to-peer feedback on teaching styles and class organization. Providing students feedback when they are not meeting their goals allows our instructors to refocus students on what they are doing right and correct their mistakes. No hidden agenda, just here to help people find the person they were created to be.


We absolutely love working with students from different backgrounds and with different abilities. Our instructors  could not do what they do without compassion and an instinct to know a child and determine where they come from. By getting to know the specific needs of every student, we can easily accommodate a diagnosis or any developmental differences. 


When our instructors see an opportunity to better the KOMA community, they do it. You will often see another instructor jumping in to help another. Our instructors are eager to improve anything that isn't functioning quite right, from processes like scheduling and class organization to how children learn. They don't sit around and wait on others to make a move.


Using a one-on-one approach tailors your child's experience to them, helping them set and reach their own goals. Becoming a black belt is about their personal improvements rather than just comparing their work to everyone else. Doing our best to teach the most precise way at that moment ensures every student is getting exactly what they need to progress.

Every handpicked instructor is here to coach your child into being confident, self-controlled, and focused. They are each committed to excellence and work hard to pass that along to your student. KOMA is more than a place to work; it's a family. We couldn't do what we do without our family of instructors.