What to Do When Team Sports Are Not The Right Fit for Your Child

KOMA Taekwondo

August 20, 2019

Team Sports aren’t for everyone. Teamwork is a great tool to learn, but sometimes team sports aren’t where they find their place. Here is what to do if your child tried team sports, and it wasn’t the right fit.

Individual Focused Sports or Activities Are An Option

When team sports aren’t the right fit, it’s important to remember that there are other options. Individual-focused sports or activities can oftentimes be beneficial for children. They help them advance at their own pace so they aren’t left behind like they could be in team sports.

Yes, individual sports and activities don’t have a traditional team setting, but children can still benefit greatly. Children learn that they have to rely on themselves and their own abilities to achieve their goals. This can help boost their confidence and motivation.

Also, many individual sports and activities still practice alongside other children. Because of this students learn to help and support one another during classes.

Ask Yourself, “What Do I Want Your Child To Get Out Of A Sport Or Activity?”

This is an important step in picking the right activity for your child. Think about what your child needs help with. Is it confidence, focus, respect, an individualized coaching approach?

Decide what your child needs to help them be successful in the future. This will make finding an activity or sport that your child will benefit from much easier.


Look For Sports And Activities That Align With That

Now that you know what you want out of the sport or activity, try and find one that aligns with those values.

For example, try martial arts if you want help with building confidence or discipline.

Try It Out

Now that you have an idea of what kind of sport or activity you think would best fit your child, try a class out. Most individual sports will allow you to try a class before you commit to it.

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If team sports aren’t working out for your child, there are still several sports and activities they can try. Individual focused sports and activities are a great way for children to grow at their own pace.

Individual activities like martial arts focus on helping their students become better people, which I think we can all agree is more important than being an amazing athlete.

Once you have an idea of an activity or sport, make sure to try a class first before committing.

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